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of rockville campus. he allegedly threatened to shoot others on the campus. news4's pat collins is on the scene and will have the latest at 5:00. as always, stay tuned to nbc that's the latest from here. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. >>> developing story out of frederick county. one person has died in a crash between a tractor-trailer and an suv or small truck. five people were hurt when the vehicles collided near the intersection of ed mclean route and route 75 earlier this afternoon. the tractor-trailer flipped over. maryland state police flew at least one of the victims to the hospital. investigators have not yet released the cause of the crash. >>> it can be a frustrating ride home on metro today. thousands of riders were met with delays, because metro rail is operating on a saturday schedule for veterans day. it's also single tracking some trains in order to complete repairs. metro had said riders to anticipate ten-minute delays, but passengers tl news4 that the delays were much longer. jackie bensen will have their stories on news4 at 5:00 tonight. >>> the ga
to face him. pat collins has this report. >> he asked me, do you want to die? and i said, no, he was like, okay, because i don't have that much to live for. >> reporter: we call will her valerie. we've concealed her face and her real identity. when you hear her story, you'll understands it why. i spoke to her at the hospital where she's still recovering. valerie's 24 years old. she has two master's degrees from carnegie. last summer she got an apartment here at rhode island row. she moved to d.c. to begin a consulting career. but what happened to her last friday has changed her life forever. it was about 2:00 in the afternoon. valerie was working from home. there was repeated knocking at her door. she opened it to see who it was. it was a man promising a party. he forced his way in. there was an attempted sexual assault and then an attempted murder. >> he started stabbing me and kicking my face in. and i was just fighting as best as i could, you know. i don't remember that much following that, but i know he was just stabbing me everywhere over and over again. >> reporter: the suspect phot
murders in just 12 days. he's 17 years old. i'm pat collins. the story coming up, news4. >>> an employee fighting the store's plan to start black friday sales on thanksgiving. >>> a popular band holding a benefit for recovery efforts after hurricane sandy. >>> a fast forward through the headlines now. anne arundel police hoping the surveillance photos lead them to the arrest of a man who shot a manager at walmart this morning. it happened during a robbery at the 24-hour store in laurel. the manager expected to be okay. the store reopened later this morning. >>> president obama tonight says he's withholding judgment on the timing of when he learned about the scandal involving cia director david petraeus. in a news conference today, he said he's confident in the fbi, which is conducting the investigation. the president also said there's no evidence classified information disclosed could pose a threat to national security. >>> 15 elementary school kids had minor bumps and bruises after a school bus crash in upper moral marlboro. >>> the weather is cold across the entire mid-atlantic, across
a case of campaign fatigue. i'm pat collins. i'll have the story coming up on news4. don't touch that dial. >>> tonight there are new details about the teenager arrested in connection with two violent attacks in the district. last month a woman in northeast was stabbed and left for dead. days later a student at howard university was allegedly raped in her dorm room. darcy spencer has more on the suspect who police say was able to get into buildings that were supposed to be secure. >> reporter: a teenage sexual assault suspect told detectives he did not rape a 19-year-old howard university student in her dorm room last friday. he said the sex was consensual. he admitted to detectives that he forced his way into another woman's apartment on rhode island row in northeast d.c. and stabbed her after she resisted. he asked detectives if she was dead, saying, i didn't mean to kill anyone. i was just going to take what she had. documents show the suspect wrote down his first name and cell phone number on a piece of paper inside the howard dorm room. he gave it to his victim after alleged
these at the supermarket. news 4's pat collins takes a look at the rush on twinkies in our area, next. >>> just in time for a black friday shopping madness there is a battle brewing between walmart and its employees. walmart has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the united food and commercial workers international union. for the last six months workers have protested outside walmart stores across the country but employees at some stores say they'll strike on black friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. walmart says it's trying to keep the union from hurting customer service. >>> it appears to be the end of an era for hostess and all of its famous treats. the company moved yesterday to liquidate and layoff all 18,000 of its employees and its ceo says there is no one waiting in the wings to buy the company. news 4's pat collins has more on how the news got quite a strong reaction from people in the d.c. area. >> reporter: i remember as a boy the old wonder bread bakery. it was nearby griffith stadium where the senators played and when you could smell that bread baking, you knew it was
for the twinkies. i'm pat collins. i'll have the story coming up. news4. >>> aroma therapy. you might find it at the spa, or use it to make your home smell good. but could it help cure kids' pain. it's being used at local hospitals. >> the answer to that question surprised me. aroma therapy is just one type of alternative medicine used at major medical centers. doctors say these kind of treatments can help calm down nervous kids, and that can help them to start healing. >> it's like the throbbing and aching, and sometimes stabbing. >> reporter: 14-year-old hannah miller is describing the mysterious pain on her side that's plagued her for more than a year. >> i've been through test after test. lab work repeatedly. with an ultrasound, cat scans, x-rays. >> reporter: but no one could figure out what was causing her pain. when she finally visited the complex pain medicine clinic at children's national medical center, doctors diagnosed hannah has having chronic pain, and suggested an unusual course of treatment. >> go ahead and put your other hand on top. >> reporter: it didn't involve drugs, j
off the streets. pat collins spoke exclusively with the victim. pat? >> reporter: doreen, she was cut here and here and here and here. cut and stabbed more than 25 times by a man who apparently left her for dead. >> he asked me, do you want to die? and i said, no. he was like, okay, because i don't have that much to live for. >> reporter: we call her valerie. we've concealed her face and her real identity, when you hear her story you'll understand why. i spoke to her at the hospital where she's still recovering. valerie's 24 years old. she has two master's degrees from carnegie. last summer she got an apartment here at rhode island row. she moved to d.c. to begin a consulting career. but what happened to her last friday has changed her life forever. >> i screamed, screamed, screamed at the top of my lungs, as i was trying to fight him. but he, like, pushed me back hard. and i fell against the foyer. >> reporter: it was about 2:00 in the afternoon. valerie was working from home. there was a repeated knocking at her door. she opened it to see who it was. it was a man promising a party.
. >> reporter: the victim of the attack is still in the hospital. she told pat collins in an exclusive interview she was stabbed multiple times as she tried to fight off her attacker. the howard student tells police her attacker appeared in her room and made casual conversation. she told him to get out but he didn't. she told police she started texting a friend, then the suspect pulled a set of brass knuckles with a purple blade. he grabbed her phone and texted her friend as well. documents show he raped her. that's when he allegedly wrote the note saying, since you don't know me, here's my number and called her an expletive. the court document said he tried to cross out that number but detectives later were still able to read it. detectives also learned a man myles' description had entered other dorm rooms, but left when asked to leave. the fact that miles was able to get into the all-female dorm and pass several layers of security, including locked doors and sign-in process for visitors, has many students upset. one student told us she's moving out. >> i think this was just kind of a final str
in chinatown, adams, morgan and other popular d.c. neighborhoods. pat collins is live with the story of one victim who says he's living in fear. pat? >> reporter: jim, how vicious is this gang? well, here now the story of one of the victims. he was attacked near this bus stop in chinatown. he's one of the gang's victims. so severe his injuries, that in the hospital they had to use staples to help his head heal. today i talked to him by phone. >> they split my head open. and my head was bleeding for like a week afterwards. and i was like knocked unconscious. >> reporter: it was june 5th, around 3:00 in the morning. he was in chinatown, he was going to take one of those buses to new york. he was attacked here, knocked to the ground, beaten and kicked unconscious. they took his cell phone, they took his money, his credit card and his backpack. and while he was still unconscious, they pushed his body beneath the seat of the bus shelter, so it wouldn't be detected. when it was over, police say this surveillance video shows the gang members hanging out at yet another bus shelter in chinatown. bec
's rescue after she had been attacked in her upper northwest d.c. home. news 4 pat collins joins us live with his reaction in the chevy chase neighborhood where it all unfolded. pat? >> jim. two things tonight. first, official charges for that teenager accused of beating and robbing an 81-year-old woman. and then we hear from the postman who came to her aid. >> it's hard. i never seen anything like this in this community ever. it's strange. unfortunately, it had to happen to someone like her. >> this is teddy, he's the mailman in this neighborhood. he came to the rescue of that 81-year-old woman beaten and robbed in her home on mckinley street. >> knocked on her door to give her the mail and i notice she was disturbed. and she reached out to me and said, you have to help me. i said, what happened? she said, she had been attacked and robbed. i said, do you need the police? she said, yes, could you please call them. >> reporter: this happened wednesday and police say an 18-year-old broke through a basement window and robbed the woman who lives here. >> she had a big bruise and a bump, you
. they recorded a rap song and then when they were done they robbed the place. >> pat collins explains how police are hoping to track down the suspects. >> reporter: you and i have seen all sorts of security camera video from all sorts of places. this could be the first time the big clue in the case is a rap song. you see, the cops are looking for the guys singing this song. ♪ the song is called "larry hoover." it's dedicated to a famous gangster in chicago called king larry. but i'm getting way, way, way ahead of this story. let's go to the scene. laurel, maryland, right near the railroad tracks, lafayette drive. a large warehouse complex. small engine repair. auto body supply. and over here, copycat. it's a recording studio. around 1:00 this morning, two guys go inside copycat to record that "larry hoover" rap song. once that rap song was a wrap, the two singers walk out of the studio, and then out much the building. everybody else inside, they're getting ready to leave, too, when all of a sudden those rappers come back and they have guns, and they order people onto the sofa, and they start d
a manhunt tonight for jonathan cowden. pat collins has the new developments. >> reporter: jim, the manhunt for jonathan cowden ended about 30 minutes ago. we begin our story now with police spokesman chris tidmore. >> so he turned himself in? >> at 4:30, he turned himself in. he was brought into custody. >> without incident? >> no incident at all. >> reporter: police today looking at this cinder block wall and what appears to be a bullet hole. the wall is close to that house, which they say is the home of jonathan alexander cowden. they say they want to talk to him about a number of unusual gun incidents in leesburg. including a weapon and other items that police say may have been taken from the fbi. here's how it all went down. tuesday morning just after midnight, a tow truck driver said someone fired shots at him while he was in the parking lot of an apartment complex on plaza street. the driver wasn't hit, but his window blown out. police respond to the scene. >> the police came to your house? >> yes. >> and your daughter told them she heard two shots? >> yes. >> right after midnight on
charlestown in maryland is charged in both cases. pat collins spoke to the people who knew the suspect. >> reporter: his name, joshua mebane. he's 17 years old, charged as an adult. the centerpiece suspect in two murders, 12 days apart. victim number one. teresa bass. she was the mother of four children. she was just married for the second time last year. october 26th around 7:00 p.m., teresa bass and her husband are walking their dog on this trail in the hampshire community. they encounter a young man coming from the other direction, acknowledge each other and keep on going. but then that young man turns around, opens fire. teresa bass is shot and killed, her husband shot and wounded. there were no angry words. no attempted robbery. no apparent motive at all. charged in the case, joshua mebane, 17 years old. he lives just a few blocks away. >> i just think it's appalling that, you know, somebody went out for a walk with their dog and their husband and they die. >> reporter: on the night of the walking trail murder, they say mebane gets on a social networking site and befriends a 17-ye
for dead. pat collins reports on today's developments inside the courtroom. >> reporter: police say he used a green bladed knife during an attack on a 24-year-old woman at the rhode island row apartments. then a week later at a howard university dorm, they say he used a special purple blade knife, attached to brass knuckles in an alleged sex assault of a 19-year-old student. today we learn more about jerome demarco miles, seen here on security camera video. miles, a suspect in two recent high profile assault cases. >> he asked me, do you want to die? and i said no. he was like, okay, because i don't have that much to live for. >> reporter: that's a woman we called valerie. we've agreed to conceal her identity. she was the first victim, stabbed more than 25 times as she says she tried to resist a sexual assault at her rhode island row home. >> i know he was just stabbing me everywhere. over and over again. >> reporter: one week later, at this howard university dorm, a student there says miles showed up in her room, exposed himself, and sexually assaulted her. in court, albert griffin. he is
. pat collins is live in southwest with more on this election day scuffle. >> reporter: precinct 127. more than 100 votes cast so far and one assaultee. the suspect? one of the candidates. she is on the police advisory committee for the first district. today, grace daughtridge found herself handcuffed and arrested by first district police officers. the charge, simple assault. with hate crime overtones. according to the report, miss daughtridge yelled some homophobic slurs. in answer to the hate crime question, it says, anti-male homosexual gay. this alleged assault took place as people were coming out to vote. they say it happened around 11:30 this morning at the green leaf recreation center. the polling place for precinct 127. they say grace daughtridge accused a man of tampering with one of her campaign signs. they said she ran up and actually tackled the man to the ground and continued to yell at thean as he made his way into the polling place. linda is the precinct captain. she call the cops. did he get physical? >> it was on its way to being physical if two other people had not
's pride and drake's cupcakes. coming up at 5:00 tonight, pat collins has more on how hostess fans are reacting now that the company is shutting its doors. we have props here that are really props, except for the twinkies, which our newsroom devours them. >> these may be the lasts ones around. these are my favorites. >> and somebody, pat collins, brought in a box of snow balls, which i had never had. i took one bite and tossed it. somebody described it as tasting like a mattress. i called to complain, but their website said they were shut down. >>> veronica, which ones did you eat? >> it's funny, i haven't had one in all honesty, doug did hover me one. i think it's ironic that only when something is really going away for good that you want to try it, right? you're like, well, i won't be able to ever get it. >> that's right. >> i have to try it. save me one. >> all right. i'll save you several. >> all right. let's take a look outside and see what's going on. gorgeous sunset right now. take a look at our gaylord national resort camera. you can see the beautiful sky looking toward the
stores, and a bakery. pat collins now with more on what could be the end of an era for people who grew up eating the cream-filled cakes. >> reporter: i remember as a boy, the old wonder bread bakery. it was nearby griffith stadium when the senators played. and when you could smell that bread baking, you knew it was time to play ball. and after the game, if you were really, really good, maybe a twinkie. >> they taste good. they're really yummy inside. a lot of good yumminess inside. >> reporter: so now, we hear because of a labor dispute, wonder bread, hostess, and the iconic twinkie may be going the way of the studebaker. >> what's a studebaker? >> reporter: see what i mean? that's joe. he's been delivering twinkies for 28 years. are you going to miss those twinkies? >> yeah. my father did it for 25 years. >> reporter: show me your twinkies. how many boxes? >> i have ten. six here and four in the front. >> reporter: your husband sent you? your husband made you do it? yes. >> reporter: at the hostess outlet store in rockville, people stocking up on twinkies for all sorts of ren. the twinki
indictment. but the chief says stay tuned. there's more to come. in chinatown, pat collins, news4. >>> tonight an area hospital is defending itself after a woman said a doctor at the hospital left a drill bit in her foot after surgery. officials at med star montgomery medical center said they immediately addressed the situation when they learned about it. in the statement they say the hospital maintains rigorous quality assurance review. a woman said she plans to sue the doctor and the hospital for malpractice. >>> virginia's ready to open new express lanes on saturday aimed at making the commute faster and easier. now, critics question why there aren't the same kind of improvements under way on the maryland side of the beltway. aaa says it hopes, quote, rip van maryland will awaken from its long transportation slumber. montgomery county leaders are also fed up with the lack of progress. >> the state does not have any dollars. and right now they have no plan. so the combination of no dollars and no plan, we're just shaking our heads and saying, please, guys, focus on this. >> one
yesterday. tonight pat collins explains how police are hoping to find a suspect in a violent attack in northeast d.c. >> reporter: cops on bikes, in squad cars, in plain clothes. a full-court press passing out flyers, looking for information. it was here at this same time last friday that it happened. a man burst into a rhode island row aprmt, tries to sexually assault a 24-year-old woman, and then stabs her more than 25 times. >> he was just stabbing me everywhere. over and over again. >> reporter: we call her vale e valerie. we've concealed her face and her real identity. i talked to her yesterday. she continues to recover from this assault. >> do you think he left you for dead in that apartment? >> yes. because there was a lot of blood and i don't think he knew where he stabbed me and i think it seemed like i was going to die. >> reporter: security cameras videotaped the suspect on the elevator inside the building. police have put those same pictures on flyers that they passed out today, hoping someone will identify this man. at rhode island row there are three levels of securit
in rockville, pat collins, news4. >>> thank you, pat. metro added trains for the evening rush hour tonight, but there are still crowded platforms at some stations right now. this new video from the friendship heights station comes after complaints from the morning commute, because the transit system was on a saturday schedule because of the veterans day holiday today. despite the federal holiday, a lot of people were still having to work and there was also single tracking on the red, green and orange lines. some passengers say they waited up to 45 minutes for a train. >> i went down into the bethesda station this morning at 9:00. and there was many people leaving it going in, and when the train arrived it was packed. only a few people could get on. today there was clearly a real screwup. >> metro says the track work and the schedule were pre-planned. the system is expected to resume normal service tomorrow. >>> enjoy the last little bit of this nice weather. because big changes could make for a nasty commute for us tomorrow. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer joins us with what is co
kathy lanier is livid and she wants this man off the streets. news4's pat collins talked exclusively with the victim, from her hospital room this afternoon. pat? >> reporter: wendy, she's a smart young woman who came to our city last summer to pursue a consulting career. tonight she's in a
on the cyclones of iowa state. 47 degrees. we need to get back on it. pat collins and the fighting irish got us last week. it was painful. we're doing hurricane coverage monday and pat collins comes up oh, so sorry. >> no mercy. >> no mercy at all. >> i have a bye this week. south carolina. no pressure. >> you can't lose if you don't play. >> right. all right. thanks, chuck. >>> some good news for those looking to grab extra sleep. you get to fall back as daylight savings time ends tomorrow. time shifts back an hour at 2:00 a am to 1:00 p.m. firefighters say it is a great time to check the batteries on the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors too. >>> the time right now 10:20. up next on news 4 today the new apple ipad mini. it's out and the reviews are in. ♪ when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting more for our money with fios. [ male announcer ] it's time to get more for your money. upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone with our best price onl
me. that lady could have been my grandmother. i feel sorry for her. in northwest, pat collins, news 4. >> the union representing principals and administrators in the prince george's county schools is suing the school system. a $100 million federal class action lawsuit was filed by the union in federal court. the suit was filed last friday and it names the county's school board and former county school superintendent dr. william height. the suitor alleges that 100 school administrators and principals were the target of age and race discrimination when they were demoted or fired during height's tenure. >> dr. height alone replaced almost half of the principals in the schools. that kind of action reflects on what is happening in the schools. when you have administrators in the schools that are so demoralized, it's going to roll the balance of the children. >> there are nearly 30 plaintiffs named in the suit. prince george's county spokesperson says they will not comment on the lawsuit until it goes to court. >>> food trucks is a lunchtime fixture for thousands who work in the district do
questioning, that continues on. live in rockville, pat collins, news4. >>> the commute home tonight could be challenging for thousands of people who use metro. the transit system is operating on a reduced schedule. jackie bensen joins us from friendship heights now. >> reporter: wendy, it's hard to tell at this point. metro did add some trains. a pre-scheduled move around 9:00 this morning. i think a lot of people are going to stagger their departure from work to avoid a repeat of this morning. in clarendon, there was frustration. d.c.-bound riders who had already experienced single tracking delays on the orange line between the vienna and church stations had to take a bus bridge from east falls church to the claren deny station, because the boston and other station ws are closed. all of it for trackwork. >> do you have to work today? >> yes, i do. that's where i'm on my way right now. >> are you going to be late? >> i don't know. i hope not. >> i'm supposed to go to the dentist. i guess i'm going to be late. >> reporter: these twitter pictures were sent by red line riders. they show pict
in off the street. if you recognize their voice, police want to hear from you. live in laurel, pat collins, news4. >>> breaking news right now. an arrest in a violent attack on an elderly woman. the robbery and assault happened inside her home in the 3900 block of mckinley street in chevy chase, d.c. darcy spencer joins us live with the breaking developments. darcy? >> reporter: jim, i just got off the phone with the d.c. police and i can confirm that an arrest has been made in this case. we're awaiting additional details. but i can tell you the suspect's name is tieran mcelraft, arrested today, just 18 years old, on burglary one. that involved burglary where an assault was involved in that. the victim just 81 years old. police returned to the scene here on mckinley street around 45 minutes ago to collect additional evidence. this crime happened somewhere between 11:45 yesterday morning and 12:30 in the afternoon. the victim, she is blind and she is hard of hearing. the suspect apparently got into her home through a broken basement window. then there was some sort of encounter betw
house for reaction. news 4, pat collins talked to that mailman who found that elderly woman who was attacked >>> the jetblue pilot arrested after having a midflight meltdown is free to go. his plane had to make an emergency landing in march when he left the cabin and ran through the plane yelling about terrorists. he was charged with interfering with a flight crew. the judge found the pilot not guilty by reason of insanity in july but ordered he would still be held in jail for a mental evaluation. he had another psychotic episode in august, but today he was released. >>> another after effect from sandy. a lot of flooded cars. at least 16,000 cars may have been damaged in the storm. companies like edmonds warn that many of those cars will be cleaned and resold. they say it's a common scheme for dealers to resell the cars in another part of the country. to avoid buying a once flooded car, experts recommend checking vehicle history reports. they also say to look for debris or water lines inside the car, trunk and engine compartment. >>> we've been following breaking news about davi
. >> news4's pat collins spoke to the manager of the recording studio about how this all went down. >> reporter: we're at the scene of the song, the scene of the crime, the case of the rapping robbers. we've seen all sorts of security camera video from all sorts of places. this could be the first time the big clue in the case is a rap song. you see, the cops are looking for the guy singing this song. ♪
attempted to sexually assault her before trying to kill her. she told news 4 pat collins she screamed at the top of her lungs and fought back the best she could. >> he started stabbing me and kicking my face in. i was just fighting as best as i could. i don't remember that much following that. but, i know he was stabbing me everywhere. >> surveillance cameras caught clear images of the suspect, right there. police say that man, they are worried he may strike again. they want anyone who recognizes him to give them a call. >>> right now, the man police believe threw pipe bombs into homes in virginia is in a montana jail cell. officers arrested him yesterday. he drove all the way to the northwest shortly after throwing the bombs into homes in stafford county and fredericksburg on tuesday. police believe he was targeting his ex-girlfriend and law enforcement officers who arrested him in the past. >> we have taken this personal. this is a detective and deputy targeted. they and their families as a result of doing their jobs. in addition to that, it was an attack on an innocent victim of do
're playing and we'll get as many game forecasts as we possibly can on. and worst of all by pat collins' notre dame team. gosh. he walked right over to me in the middle of hurricane coverage too. >> oh, yeah. leave it to him. thanks, chuck. we'll stick with sports. >> we are. a busy day for d.c. sports as the wizards play their home opener tonight. >> the d.c. united kick off their title run at rfk. carol maloney has it all in this morning's "sports minute." >> reporter: good saturday morning everybody. i'm carol maloney. your sports minute starts on the hardwood. after tipping off the season on the road in cleveland the wizards returned for their home opener in boston tonight at 7:00 on comcast sportsnet. rookie bradley biel who is playing in his first regular season game at the verizon center excited to play in front of the home crowd. >> i'm really excited. my family will be there and actually this is my town now. this is my city so to speak so now i have to be here to represent and show what i'm capable of doing as well as my teammates. we have a great team this year. hopefully the fans wi
'm pat collins, news4. >>> police chief kathy lanier also announced two new arrests in the brutal beating of a man near eastern market. lanier said the two men, along with three others, already arrested, are suspected in nine separate violent attacks in recent months. an attack in august left thomas maslin in a coma for six days. he is blind now in one eye. and he is still recovering. >>> new developments tonight on the man wanted for allegedly bombing three northern virginia homes. police tell us alan stewart ii was just arrested near great falls, montana. he's accused of throwing bombs into three stafford homes earlier this week. he targeted an ex-girlfriend and two officers who arrested him in the past. officers in montana say stewart threw several pipe bombs at them when they tried to pull him over today. >>> the financial toll from hurricane sandy could be more than double the estimates we heard before it hit. new estimates today indicate the total cost could reach $50 billion. $30 billion in economic loes, and up to $20 billion in the cost for insurance companies. this estimate went
. in that brazen attack and vicious sexual assault in northeast d.c. news 4's pat collins is live in the neighborhood tonight. police starting to get more information that leads to an arrest. pat? >> reporter: wendy, one week later, on the same day it happened at the same time it happened police are out trying to find the key clue to help close this troubling case. >> reporter: cops on bikes, in squad cars, in plain clothes. a full court press, passing out flyers, looking for information. it was here at this same time last friday that it happened. a man burst into a rhode island row apartment, tries to sexually assault a 24-year-old woman, and then stabs her more than 25 times. >> he was just stabbing me everywhere. over and over again. >> reporter: we call her vale e valerie. we've concealed her face sxer had real identity. i've talked to her for dead in that apartment? >> yes. because there was a lot of blood and i don't think he knew where he stabbed me and i think it seemed like i was going to die. >> reporter: security cameras videotaped theth elevator inside the building.
in states that voted for president obama. that list includes senate veterans chuck grassley, susan collins of maine as well as wisconsin' ron johnson, mark kurt, rob portman, pat toomi, marco rubio and kelly ayotte. nevada's dean heller was the only to win in a blue state in the 2012 cycle. he narrow will he won over shelly berkeley despite the president winning the state by six. they have a none of the above. susan collins was the only other senator on the list to face voters while president obama was on the ballot. she won her third it term in 2008. the other seven were all elected or re-elected in the big republican wave of 2010. could republicans take back some of that territory in 2014 is this joining me now political analyst and editor and publisher of the cook political report, charlie cook. charlie, we have a senate announcement today. this is happenstance. we planned this last week and we can talk about 2014 and jay rockefeller. >> at least shelly capito had the decency to wait until after thanksgiving. >> mike brown announced two weeks ago he was running in 2014. >> see, i wasn't
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